Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 3 - Isle of Cumbrae

What a DAY!! We started our journey this morning at 6:45 am (7:15 for me.. I slept a bit past her alarm! Whoops! Haha!) and had a yummy breakfast in Glasgow. Following our meal, John the bus driver to us to the town of Largs. We said our Goodbye's to him and were escorted via boat to the Isle of Cumbrae! This island is tiny, but surely spectacular! The view is amazing! We spent the morning working in teams to create a raft that could float and successfully carry our teams as we paddled around a marker buoy. Some groups did better than others and we will leave it at that! Either way, it was such a great, fun, friendly competition and brought the students closer together.

Later in the afternoon, we split into our groups and went kayaking, sailing, or windsurfing. My group did an awesome job windsurfing! Alexa's determination paid off and she did a really great job! Karilee and Caitlin had tons of fun falling and laughing with each other, while Ben held his own on the open water! I will surely be a bit sore tomorrow!

We wrapped up our activities and had a delicious dinner. Not time for rest yet, however! Our amazing group went for an 11 mile bike ride around the entire circumference of the island. The mountain and water views were magnificent. The entire ride I kept thinking to myself, "I can't believe we are here!" We kept riding and it looked like we were traveling through a painting! It was a great experience.

Amy Warren

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Adventure Details

Duration 10 days
Destinations Edinburgh
Focus Biology
Outdoor Survival