Saturday, July 30, 2011

We arrive in PARIS!

BONJOUR PARIS! After our Eurostar journey, we checked into the hotel and got some much needed rest. After a traditional French breakfast of bread, the next morning we visited Notre Dame Cathedral. It was gorgeous! Did you know that there is a gold marker outside of the cathedral the marks the center of the city? The distance from Paris is always measured from this point. Interesting! After our stop at the cathedral, we ventured on to the French bakery school where we would learn how to make macaroons! It was so enjoyable! We all got to wear bakers hats and do all the baking ourselves! We ever took some of our delicious products home. (Were any parents lucky enough to have a taste yet? If so, what did you think?!)Paying close attention..
We just couldn't wait to eat the yummy chocolate!
TMMS visits Notre Dame Cathedral

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Adventure Details

Duration 10 days
Destinations Edinburgh
Focus Biology
Outdoor Survival