Sunday, July 10, 2011

just wondering

i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried a crepe befori know were probably going to but, i never have i hope its good. i guess paris is the place were going to try all the new foods huh cuz were eating frog legs and snails i hope it doesn't affect my stomach thought.
-Michelle- :)

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  1. I have tried a few kinds of crepes! I was surprised to find that there are both sweet and savory kinds of crepes. The sweet ones were my favorite, especially warm ones with chocolate filling. Some other fillings include fruit, ice cream and sorbets. Savory crepes can have everything from vegetables to chicken to seafood. Whatever you decide to try, I'm sure it will be delicious! I'm excited to hear all about it.

    Amy S., Discovery Student Adventures

    PS... I did try escargot, too, and the herbed sauce made it taste just fine! A bit chewy, but my stomach was okay.


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