Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scotland Day 2 - Highlander Style!

Scotland – Day 2 – Highlander Style

We started our Friday with an hour bus ride to Loch Lomond. We learned about the weapons of a traditional Scottish Highlander. We all dressed up in kilts, dresses, and armor before recreating a Scottish charge! Miles loved checking out all the weapons! We walked around for a bit, stopping in some shops and carnival type activities. The kids had SO much fun!

After lunch, we met Ben who taught us about the Scottish Highland games. We broke into three teams and competed against on another in games such as haggis tossing (haggis is a Scottish dish made from pig stomach, organs, and other gross animal parts that I will not further discuss! EW!), caber throwing, tug-of-war, bagpipe playing, and Scottish dance. It was so much fun! As our prize, we had a ride on a Segway through the meadow where we were playing. Michelle is ready to put one on her Christmas list for next year!

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Duration 10 days
Destinations Edinburgh
Focus Biology
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